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Our Clients

Our clients range from startups, to venture capitalists, to private equity firms. We also assist with the mentoring and evaluation of startups participating in incubators and accelerators. Rosewood has no boundaries, and operates globally.  The companies we have evaluated include businesses in the domains of


Ecommerce  -  Fintech (including payment gateways, digital banking, issuer processing, digitalbanking, student loan financing, cryptocurrency and micro loans) - Insurtech - Blockchain - Machine learning - Online gaming - Over the top video streaming - Media - Social networks - Enterprise solutions - Travel - Health and Fitness - Proptech and more.

These are a selection of the companies we have done work for.

Amadeus is a British fund that invests in technology companies worldwide, at various stages, from seed, to venture, to private equity.


Revo Capital is a venture capital fund investing in truly innovative, seed & early-stage B2B or B2C technology ventures in Turkey, Eastern Europe & Baltics.


Apis Partners back inspiring Financial Services companies in Growth Markets who create transformative impact in their communities.


777 Partners is a private investment firm founded on the vision of creating positive economic impact and long-term value for its portfolio companies and capital partners.


IDF Capital is a specialist entrepreneurial financing institution with over R 1,5 billion assets under management. 


Saltside's mission is to build online marketplaces in underserved markets, creating sustainable value for the community.


Rosewood has worked in multiple locations across the globe, and continue to access clients globally

Our work includes technical due diligence and technical assessments for:
  • Amadeus in Latin America, South Africa and Turkey
  • Revo in Turkey
  • Delta Partners in the Middle East
  • Internal technical  assessments for Gameworx and 1Click Gaming and South Africa and Latvia
  • Technical DD for VivaReal and Descomplica in Latin America
  • Various technical assessments and advisory work for SaravaPars in Iran, including numerous technical  assessments of Digikala, Iran's largest e-commerce platform.
  • More than 75 technical due diligence's for Naspers, globally. These include the technical DD’s on Buscape (USD 350 million investment), OLX, one of the world’s leading online classifieds and Movile - one of Latin America’s preeminent online businesses.
  • Vunani Capital and Knife Capital in South Africa
  • 777 Partners in the United States
  • We have assisted with the recruitment and selection of CTO’s for various organisations, including Descomplica,  Saltside and Transfergo.
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