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Rosewood offers a professional technical due diligence service that provides our customers with the information necessary to evaluate the risks, costs and opportunities associated with the technology dimension of any investment or acquisition. 

During a technical due diligence, we consider the pillars of the organisation's technology assets: 


People are the heart of any business. We evaluate the team, its structure, skills and competencies


The architecture of the platform, and the software with which it is build determines performance, scalability and maintainability 


Technology costs are driven by many factors - we will identify these factors and assess whether the costs are in line with industry standards.


The processes we evaluate include operational monitoring, secops, devops, QA and the SDLC. 


Many platforms rely on cloud infrastructure, whilst some benefit from on-premise hardware. We evaluate the inventory and management of the infrastructure for both cases.


Technology embodies the product. In order to assess the technology, we evaluate how well suited the tech is to the product - and how well it supports the product vision


Although we don't conduct vulnerability and penetration tests, we will asses whether the existing tests and processes adequately secure the platform

The purpose of our due diligence report is to enable the investor to make an informed decision regarding the risks
inherent in the technology platform and the potential costs involved in maintaining and expanding the platform.

We are able to tailor our services to the needs of our customers, catering for the full spectrum of investment scenarios, which ranges from early-stage funding to the acquisition and merger of mature organisations.  Regardless of the scale of the investment, or the nature of the entity doing the investment, Rosewood will provide a risk assessment that enables our customers to make informed decisions.

Read more about the different technical due diligence scenarios we support, our workflow and our approach to due diligence.
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