Rosewood offers a professional technology due diligence service that provides our customers with the information necessary to evaluate the risks, costs and opportunities associated with the technology dimension of any investment or acquisition.
We are able to tailor our services to the needs of our customers, catering for the full spectrum of investment scenarios, which ranges from early-stage funding to the acquisition and merger of mature organisations. Regardless of the scale of the investment, or the nature of the entity doing the investment, Rosewood will provide a risk assessment that enables our customers to make informed decisions.
Internal DD

Rosewood offers a reverse due diligence service for companies that will be the target of an acquisition or investment, so they can prepare themselves for the upcoming technology assessment. Read more

DD for Company Funding

Rosewood recognises that the risk of investment is larger in startups. We offer a structured approach to evaluating early stage companies, on behalf of seed funders, angel investors and venture capital firms. Read more

DD for Corporate Development

Rosewood offers a complete due diligence service, focused on more mature organisations, covering the full spectrum of technology concerns, on behalf of strategic investors and private equity firms. Read more

DD for Public Offering

Rosewood also provides an IPO technology due diligence, on behalf of investment banks, with the purpose of complementing the findings from the mandatory financial and legal assessments. Read more