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We are a technical due diligence boutique that focuses on performing technical assessments of a company's  software platforms and the associated assets and processes.
Corporate and institutional investors reduce their investment risk by running commercial and financial due diligence processes. Early stage investors mitigate investment risk by satisfying themselves that the founding team has the ability to execute their ideas. Rosewood further reduces the risk of investment, for both late and early stage investors, by evaluating the technology platforms that underpin these target companies.
We have deep experience in a very wide range of industries, ranging from fintech to e-commerce to media and gaming platforms. Our deep and broad experience in managing and conducting technology due diligence brings a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to Rosewood’s offering.

Rosewood specialises in technical due diligence, aimed specifically at companies with significant software based assets. Our services are complementary to the typical legal, financial and commercial due diligence workstreams - we bring additional perspective to the standard workstreams.

As experienced technologists, we are aware of the resource and time constraints facing development teams, and we adopt an approach whereby we minimise the impact on the target business as far as possible.
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