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Thank you for your interest in Rosewood.

We would be happy to discuss the details of how we conduct a technical due diligence, and also to get more information about the investment target. If you are not an investor, but a stakeholder in a business or a board member or executive, we will discuss your objectives for the due diligence. 

The topics that are often raised in a first discussion include:
  • How do you engage with the engineering team ?
  • How much time is this likely to require ?
  • What type of report can we expect ?
  • Do you have expertise in the domain of the business ?
Our approach to technical due diligence is always collaborative and supportive. We know from experience that everyone's level of familiarity with technology differs - and we are prepared and able to assist you to bridge the knowledge gap. 
Prior to the call, you can read more about our services and our workflow, or about the typical technical due diligence scenarios we encounter. Information about our team is available here.

You can reach out to us either by directly booking on Calendly using the button below or alternatively use the form to send us an email
Or send us an email  about you, your fund, and a brief overview of your next investment:

Message sent. We will get back to you within 1 business day.

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