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Our Approach to Due Diligence

A due diligence process can be a daunting prospect for a target company. Members of the software development and system administration teams sometimes fear undue criticism of their work, they fear negative feedback to the management team, and they are afraid that the outcome of the due diligence exercise may add to their burden of work. Because the members of the Rosewood team come from a background of software development, we are able to allay the fears of a development team by empathising with the concerns of team members.

We view a due diligence as a collaborative process, that should have positive outcomes for all parties.

We approach a technology due diligence with a view to reporting on four broad areas, namely Team, Process, Software and Infrastructure. These areas  define the quality and nature of a company's technology assets.
The Rosewood team has worked across diverse company cultures and sizes, ranging from the United States and Latin America, to Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We have worked with companies which are the leaders in their markets, to companies which have only four employees.
Our due diligence process has been shaped by more than half a decade of doing technology due diligences, and informed by our extensive industry experience.
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