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Our Deliverables

The primary outcome of a Rosewood technology due diligence is information that allows the customer to mitigate the risk of investment inherent in the technology domain.The information is presented in a comprehensive report that includes the following:
  • Executive summary: A brief overview of the target’s technology team and platforms, as well as an overview of the major risk factors and approaches to mitigating the risk.
  • Traffic light report: The traffic light report provides a summary view of the status of the key technical aspects of the business.
  • Investment considerations: Items that may have an impact on valuation, broken down into pre-transaction and post-transaction considerations.
  • Content: a comprehensive report that provides content to support the conclusions we made and risks we identified, with reference to supporting documentation. 
  • Technical glossary: A complete reference to technical terms and abbreviations, with explanatory notes and links to online resources.
  • Presentation: A summary of the report in presentation (Powerpoint) format, with a non-technical summary of our findings in each of the main focus areas.
  • Technical documentation: A complete set of technical documents that describe the team, process, architecture and infrastructure for the target company.
  • Recommendations for future development: These typically include a roadmap of recommended changes to ensure scalability and maintainability of the code, as well as recommendations for team structure and processes. Rosewood offers a service to do follow-up visits to target companies.
The scale and scope of the final deliverable is adjusted to cater for the requirements of our customers.
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