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Due Diligence Services

Due Diligence

Reducing Investment Risk

Technical due diligence is the process of evaluating a business' technology and technology related processes. A technical (or IT) due diligence is often performed on behalf of a potential investor, but sometimes on behalf of the management team or the board.  The due diligence will include an assessment of the development team, the product, the software architecture, processes, operations and infrastructure. 

Rosewood offers a professional technical due diligence service that provides our customers with the information necessary to evaluate the risks, costs and opportunities associated with the technology dimension of any investment or acquisition.

We have conducted technical due diligence projects on behalf of a number of global investors, and have targeted business ranging in maturity from startups to  enterprises. Our technical due diligence service is customised for the life cycle of the business. We have worked in verticals including e-commerce, a large number of fintech specialisations, broadcasting, OTT media, crypto currency, insurtech, proptech and many more.


Rosewood is a technical due diligence boutique that provides technical assessments of organisation's technology assets for investors  and stakeholders, worldwide.

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