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You should get more than a traffic light report and a well designed presentation from a technical assessment. There's a bigger picture to be had.

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Whether you are small investor working with startups, or a large private equity fund, doing a new investment is not a trivial undertaking - and the due diligence is a costly, time consuming aspect of the investment.

At Rosewood we have done a great many technical assessments of platforms large and small, new and mature across domains ranging from specialised fintech services, to payment gateways, to e-commerce and crypto related platforms. We know that the basic question you, as an investor, want to get an answer to is whether the technology component represents a risk to your investment. And we will get you that answer

But there can be more in it for you than just a straightforward risk analysis.

We have seen teams in all stages of a business' life cycle. We've seen sophisticated fault tolerant architectures and MVP's running on little more than ambition. Not to mention that we have been, and are, in the trenches of development and product delivery with our involvement in a number of businesses. The breadth of experience we have, makes it possible for us to deliver more than a presentation and traffic light report:

  • A strategic view. We won't do an assessment unless we understand the business' strategy. And your strategy for the business.

  • A people view. Management is all about people - and to a large degree, so is the technology.

  • A technology view. We've seen a lot of it. We are experienced developers and architects. We're certainly not experts in everything, but we have a sense of context and a framework of reference that you as an investor may not have easy access to.

  • A well developed bullshit detector. A few well structured questions frequently makes it possible to separate reality from roadmap.

  • The ability to be impressed, and to tell you that you should be too. We like to work with the team we assess, rather than against them.

  • A pragmatic opinion. Technical perfection is not always good enough. What does matter is that technology supports the business' vision. Sometimes "it works" is good enough.

Our goal is to enable you to understand the risks that are present in your acquisition target, but more so - to make it possible for you to make a fully informed, pragmatic decision about those risks.

Rosewood Due Diligence has conducted more than 150 technical due diligence's across multiple sectors and in countries spanning the globe. For a personal conversation or to schedule a call contact

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