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Rosewood provides an IPO technology due diligence on behalf of investment banks, with the purpose of complementing the findings from the mandatory financial and legal assessments.
Companies that are planning a public offering are generally mature and enjoying strong growth on a predictable path. Such companies are not subject to major technical pivots and the technology platform is expected to sustain and drive growth.
The Rosewood due diligence for public offering covers all technology concerns with particular focus on identifying issues and risks that are relevant to the financial and legal assessments. Such issues may include concerns surrounding intellectual property, security, projected costs for expanding an enhanced scalability and the identification of key team members in the technology team.
Working in concert with the underwriters, Rosewood will focus on specific aspects of concern. During the preparation phase we ensure that we understand the areas of concern for the investor, and we pay particular attention to the risks inherent in these areas.
The documentation produced for this type of due diligence is comprehensive, and at a minimum includes full architectural documentation, an analysis of platform statistics obtained from live monitoring platforms, an overview of platform security and an in-depth assessment of the technology team’s skills and roles.
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